Comprehensive Sales Management Course Bundle for the SMB Owner

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  • 260 Hours
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Course Description

This Comprehensive Program includes the Sales Best Practices Audit, The Proven and Repeatable Sales Process and Improved Sales Management for SMB Owners into a Single Program. This accelerated program requires a commitment of 10 hours per week. In return the benefits of regular sales cadence and a predictable revenue forecast can be achieved in half the time.

About Our Courses

  • Courses are conducted at the your facility or virtually. No travel is required.
  • Course schedule is flexible and can accommodate a company’s priorities and existing staffing commitments.
  • Courses are design to support a Small to Mid-Sized Business (SMB) Owner with 2-12 Sales Representatives.


Summer and Fall Schedule are available now. Please contact us to discuss your scheduling requirements.

Scott Arnold

Scott Arnold

Course Instructor

Scott Arnold is the Founder and CEO of Concord Sales Leadership, with over 25 years of Sales Management experience.

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