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Concord Sales Leadership is about imparting knowledge to your sales team and strengthening your organization incrementally, every week.

Our process is based on having studied top-performing sales teams of 10 or less members and discovering hundreds of best practices allowing them to perform like Fortune 500 organizations for a fraction of the cost.


Un-managed sales forces create hidden costs. (a.k.a. a leaky boat)

Which Costs More?

The real issue is which costs more the leaks in the sales department or the cost of fixing them?

The Sales Best Practices Audit

This tool benchmarks you against thousands of other selling organizations and helps find your best opportunities. The Audit includes a full 100-page report and specific Action Plan.

Fractional Cost

We help businesses bridge the gap between an unmanaged sales function and an over-priced one, by fractionalizing the sales management position similar to a part-time CFO. Businesses get the benefit of a high-caliber sales manager but share them with other businesses in the area.

Bring in a Sales QB

There’s no cost for the initial meeting. Contact us today to see if the Sales Best Practices Audit would benefit you.

What our clients have to say…

Immediate Improvement

“Scott was able to improve sales almost immediately. In fact, I can directly attribute more than $100,000 in Data Capture Solutions Sales during just his second quarter working with our Sales Team. My company will benefit from the Sales QB process and Scott’s relationships and negotiating skills for years to come.

Furthermore, our Salesforce Implementation initiative has delivered tremendous benefits that have significantly increased the productivity and effectiveness of our sales team.”

Joe T. 

Data Capture Solutions, 2019


Tangible Results

“Scott Arnold and his Sales QB process provided significant organization and structure to our Sales Process. We were able to extend the CRM structure to Operations, greatly improving interdepartmental communications throughout our entire Operation, including Design, Production and the Installations crew.

In addition, Scott and the Sales QB process delivered tangible results. Our profit margins Increased dramatically by providing additional sales and marketing focus on our more profitable product lines.”

– Bill C.

Crosby Designs, 2019



The Path to Accelerated Growth

A Concord Sales Leadership SalesQB is a Part-Time Sales Manager for companies with up to 12 salespeople and limited or non-existant sales management. We provide 4-8 hours per week of expert, independent sale management for your sales team. Our process is based on having studied top-performing sales teams of 12 or less members and discovering hundreds of best practices allowing them to perform like Fortune 500 organizations for a fraction of the cost.

The Sales Best Practices Audit

We start with a 60-90 minute face to face meeting to review your current sales team and marketing activities. During this Discovery Meeting we collect the information required to conduct our Sales Best Practices Audit. The audit process will benchmark your sales system, people and practices against the best performing organizations. It takes approximately 5-7 business days to prepare a Sales Best Practices Audit for your company. At a second meeting we present our recommendations to improve your sales force, accelerate your growth and provide you additional time back in to your week. If you see value in the Sales Best Practices Audit document, please contact us for pricing. You will have an opportunity to review the document before committing to any investment.


Our goal is to establish the answers to 3 straight forward questions:
1. Do you have a problem we can solve?
2. Do you believe we can bring you value?
3. Are you committed to solving a problem?

Increase Lead Generation Efficiency

Most organizations underinvest in some aspects of Lead Generation and vastly over-spend in others.  They exhaust all their resources before all the leads that could be generated are generated.  Do you know the sources of your leads?  Do you have a Lead Scoring system?  How do you value a lead and how much does it cost to product a qualified lead?  If you don’t know the answers to these questions our process can help.

Create a Proven & Repeatable Sale Process (PRSP)

Shift your business to a scientific process-based system where all reasonable talented salespeople can succeed.

Leverage Technology

Does your current sales process leverage the power of CRM, social media, your website and other software tools?

Improve Sales Management

How does the company provide individual coaching to salespeople?  Direct regular feedback focused on an agreed upon process is much more effective than training classes alone.  We create a sales pipeline model, manage that process and hold salespeople accountable for more predictable future sales.

Improve Salesperson Performance

Assess and improve individual salesperson skills and create a compensation plan that encourages optimal sales activities and behaviors at a lower cost of sales.

Sales Management

Do You Have a Sales Babysitter?

Cheap sales manager = sales babysitter and is not equivalent to a real sales manager. Effectively, a sales babysitter is not much different than an un-managed sales force.

The average rate of return on a sales manager earning $75K or less was only 58 cents on the dollar while the rate of return on sales managers earning 150K or more was $1.52 on every dollar[1].

When it comes to sales management, under-investment in talent cripples sales performance.

[1] insidesales.com

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