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Our process begins with a 60-90 minute, no-charge, Discovery Meeting to discuss if you have a problem which we can help solve. If agreed, Concord Sales Leadership’s first step is to compile a Sales Best Practices Audit which assess current strengths of your organization as well as areas desiring improvement.


We review your sales infrastructure in order to document a Proven and Repeatable Sales Process, (PRSP). A process can’t be perfected until it can be repeated. Efficient lead generation, a consistent marketing message and investment in technology are all necessary building blocks in the foundation of a Proven and Repeatable Sales Process.


Concord Sales Leadership encourages the professional development of your sales team and provides the skills necessary for accountability, creativity and individual growth. This reflects positively on the entire organization.


Experienced and Professional

Scott Arnold


Scott Arnold most recently served as President of OPI.  He delivered 8X growth in revenue and 20X improvement to bottom line profits over a 9 year period.  While expanding key vendor relationships and maintaining close contact with many strategic customers he grew the sales organization from 2 to 10 reps.  Prior to OPI, Scott spent 8 years with Symbol Technologies in various Sales Management roles including New England Regional Sale Manager. In 1985 Scott was a co-founder and CEO of Concord Technologies a barcode and wireless integration company which was named by Inc. Magazine as one the 500 fastest growing companies in the US. Concord Technologies was later sold to Peak Technologies in 1993. Arnold obtained his BS in Electrical Engineering from Northeastern University in Boston, MA and maintains a philosophy of continuous learning and a strong commitment to personal and professional development through an association with Leadership Dynamics.

Coach’s Corner Video Series

Join Scott Arnold in Coach’s Corner, a series of one minute videos where he answers to common questions about small business sales, marketing and more!


SMB Owners Discover Fractional Sales Management

Scott answers a common question he gets about Fractional Sales Management: “How can you help my business grow as a Sales Executive, if you don’t know our industry?”


If you invest an hour with me This week, I will save you 2 hours… EVERY WEEK and Improve Sales!

This Week’s Question from SMB Owners: “I currently have too much on my plate to vet and train new Sales Reps. How can you help me grow my business?”


You don’t have to spend $250 to $300k to get Professional Sales Leadership and a Great Sales Manager.

The most frequently asked question by business owners: “How can you improve Revenue with my existing Sales Team?”


Short videos are a great Way to communicate to Customer & Employees.

This is a very current concern of most business and sales organizations: “How do my Sales Reps stay productive in the current Business Environment?”


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