Sales Skills for Non-Sales Professionals

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Course Description

The premise for Sales Skills for Non-Sales Professionals is that everyone is a Salesperson. Everyone in your company is responsible for doing their part in exceeding your customer’s expectations. To accomplish this on a regular basis, the Sales Team as well as your non-sales professional must understand your company’s value proposition and be comfortable articulating it at multiple levels across the customer’s organization. The Company’s Value Proposition is reviewed in detail so that all members of the team can articulate their contribution to customer satisfaction.  The fundamentals of the “Elevator Pitch” are reviewed and adapted to technical and customer experience roles to enable more positive communication at all levels of customer interactions.

Course Objectives

  • Establish the importance of articulating the Company’s value proposition to the entire organization, emphasizing that this is not just a Sales responsibility.
  • Develop an understanding of the “Elevator Pitch” through preparation, practice, and repetition to gain confidence in your message.
  • Present relaxation techniques for presenting and communication at your best.

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Scott Arnold

Scott Arnold

Course Instructor

Scott Arnold is the Founder and CEO of Concord Sales Leadership, with over 25 years of Sales Management experience.

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